Things aren't just
Black or white

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Clear Path Counselling is invested in helping you become empowered, to help you discover yourself and more importantly, to listen.

What We Can Help with

Discover yourself

Some of us are victims of other people's perspective's and in most cases it isn't a true reflection of self; from insults to manipulation, let us help untangle these webs and reach a state of self-realisation.

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Be Heard

We all need support, but how do we get it, if those that can help us are out of reach? Sometimes, others won't understand; other times people will dismiss us, when all we need is someone to listen.

What about me?

In such times, it is easy to neglect our mental health, to push it aside and just concentrate on the material and physical aspects of life. We want to help you find that direction to take those steps forward and to find yourself in a sound and happy state of being.

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Our trained male counsellors are here to listen and talk.